-Character designer/Compositor/2.5D animator

-Basic understanding of 3D Maya

-Software skills include; Clip Studio Paint/TVPaint/Photoshop/Maya/After EffectsHard working/highly creative/motivated/keen worker/highly punctual

Inspired by the artistic works of Hayao Miyazaki. Always working on creative content every day; whether its concept designs towards future ideas to animating game content to eventually crowdfund.

-Drawing has always been a passion of mine, I was into the idea of animating at a young age as it was something I had plenty of patience for. Plus the idea of bringing my artwork to life and seeing the final outcome that made the whole process worthwhile. Every animation project I work on I try and push the boundaries/limits of what I can do with it.Eventually I hope to see my work on the big screen, which is why I’m sending my recent animation out to festivals. The potential to live off my own creativity is something I’m still striving for as I hope to get crowdfunding for future projects. 


14th Sep 2017-After Midnight in the Asphalt Jungle Short Animation

August 1st 2014-Commissioned animated western music video:

16th July 2011 Entered for an Eddie Izzard competition where mine and 10 other winning animations were screened at two of his opening gigs, the Shoreline Ampitheatre and Hollywood Bowl:

Aug/Oct 2010-Short animation‘Wake of an Angel’ /title/tt1756834/ Nominated for best animation category at Swansea Bay Film Festival and IFFI (International Film Festival Ireland)

2008: Glow: Short Live Action Film with short animated clips by William Charles. Best European Film award in Ireland Film Fest;

In May 2007 I spent a week working on a 40 second animation for a Plaid Cymru podcast which was edited at Mwnci. The film can be viewed on and was also publicized in the local papers: