After Midnight in the Asphalt Jungle

My animated short 'After Midnight in the Asphalt Jungle' is now available to watch online, follow the link below:


Is a new indie click&point adventure game that I'm co-working on with another international creative designer, to eventually crowdfund on Kickstarter towards the end of the year. There'll be regular updates over the coming months and eventually a playable demo, so stay tuned.

After Midnight in the Asphalt Jungle

An animated short I worked on last year has picked up a number of awards from festivals throughout the year:

-Best November 2017 Student Animation Short Film at Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

-Best Animated Short Film at the First 2018 Hollywood and Movie Awards.

-Award Winner- Canada international Film Festival 2018

-Award Winner- First Con-tact Film Festival 2018

-Platinum Winner- International Independent Film Awards 2018